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Don't do as I say

Niels Bohr, winner of the Nobel prize in physics and shrewd observer of the human condition, once said: “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.
And when the forecasts are made by the investment pundits, that’s doubly true.
The fact is many places we turn for insight about the future are wrong.  The irony is that most people – whether advisor or investor – instinctively know not to trust the soothsayers on CNBC commercials  or the fulminating blogger listing the 10 hottest stocks of 2013.
Yet we listen anyway, discounting what they say almost automatically.  Then in a quiet moment, their perspective delivered with the Super Bowl-like confidence starts whispering:
“You should seriously consider my firm’s top 10 ideas for 2013.”
The more famous the prognosticator, the more likely it will stick in your head.

World Domination – No Problem A recent study by two UK professors confirmed just how wrong the experts can be when it comes to investing.
Their survey …