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We will need a map if we “return” to work. Our monthly summary of podcasts should help now that we are all tech experts. We can build our map home using two categories. Education and Entertainment.

The Long View by Morning Star

The Professor G Show

Master Class

Cutthroat Inc

Someone Knows Something 

It Was Simple

We hope your new map has an app that tells us when to get off the bus 🚌  I need help finding where the office is located.

Virtual Meetings

Last week we decided to provide only positive blog posts during The Pandemic. The popular press publishes plenty of negative stories that we need to decide if they are fake or real. Bill Gates warned us in 2015 of the risks of a Pandemic in his Ted Talk. We listened and gave him a “standing O“, but we didn’t do anything. Seems like Mr Gates was not the only one to warm us.  This week we will examine several pandemic events we hope will continue.

Facebook Live Events

There is a reason Facebook’s stock is making all-time highs. They are offering us solutions we need during The Pandemic. Our favorites are religious events. This week I went to my church In Dallas and after it was finished I attended my old San Francisco church. Both have adapted to our new virtual meeting world. The good news is their music and message is the same. The other good news is I can attend wearing by pajama bottoms.

Virtual Conferences 
A good thing that the Pandemic has taught us is that we still need to be e…

Pandemic Jackpot

I have reached my breaking point of reading anxiety laced stories about the Pandemic so this week we will focus on the positives. The Pandemic has been a great stress test for our personal and professional lives. We aren’t personal coaches but we will examine what we have learned professionally. When we take this perspective we hope you feel like you can hit the jackpot too.


The industry and Burford Brothers have accepted that active management was not the best approach.The new solution to this reality were Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) or funds that replicated the major indexes passively, but didn’t charge high fees. This approach was adopted by most investors. The pandemic scared ETF investors who wanted out. The impact was similar to a person yelling fire in a crowed theater. Hopefully we didn’t loose too much money and we will examine the risks beyond lower fees. Seems like a jackpot for most aware investors.
While no one predicted the Pandemic, not even The Chine…


COVID has changed our lives. Our monthly review of podcasts needs to change to address this reality. Our review will rank podcasts for adults AND their stay at home children. Both groups are important to keep the peace as we transition from our shelter-in-place order to our post COVID life. Until our state sounds the “all clear” we will continue to share our bandwidth with our kids. The CEO of Spotify observed that the current weekday data trends look more like a weekend than a normal weekday. Our rankings will be in two categories  - Kids and Parents.

Trolls World Tour is our one and only choice as most of our kids want to watch this show more than once. The fact is it helps both of us pass the quarantine time. It is great for the kids but it also works for the entertainment starved parents. Both miss The Weekend and Trolls helps pass the time.

While parents are teaching their kids they also need to teach themselves. Our podcasts are educational so that when we return to w…


Shelter-in-place is causing numerous emotions. Some are thinking they feel fine and are willing to take the risk to go back to work. Many don’t feel safe to return now. This week we will look at what safety and immunity means. My wife, our youngest daughter and I have compromised immune systems. We feel fine but we will stay home. It is a difficult decision.

The established rules of business are being tested by The Virus. Businesses were either realistically engaged or have skinny cash budgets that are being exposed. Unfortunately the solutions are not government or The Fed bailouts, they are cutting costs and embracing technology. We don’t need to spend money on fancy offices, we can meet on Zoom like we have been during the lockdown. The money saved can be used for our Furlougheed professionals. New roles and responsibilities will be required, we don’t need to wait until we receive an “All Clear”.  We can make the changes now with the input from our clients and teammates. O…


We are fixated on data. How many cases are there of COVID-19 or should we be tracking deaths?  Is the Dow or the S&P a better gage of investment success?  As we prepare to end our quarantine we will examine areas to measure. It is challenging but necessary for our sanity. Jack Welch built his career helping and requiring his employees meet the measurements of Six Sigma. This week’s blog will identify areas we have monitored in our past and how they worked and end with items to measure in the future.

John Liscio
One of the first people I followed for information on the bond market was John. He was a writer for Barron’s Current Yield column and I was impressed by his accuracy in predicting unemployment realeases. I called him and asked him about his secret sauce. After he vetted my needs - we began a conversation that was mutually beneficial. His secret was to monitor weekly unemployment claims and ADP data. Both items are now monitored by all of us. If John was still living I’m con…


We have all been sheltering in place for the last few weeks and we have a lot of questions for Dr. Fauci and our political leaders.  While we don’t have any medical answers we have been thinking about what our industry will look like after the quarantine. Our blog this week will share our ideas and also give us someone to talk to without risking your health. The three areas we have been thinking about are: 1. What can we keep? 2. What we should change ? 3. What can we improve?  Put on your mask and scrabble players choose a word that starts with a “V”. Thanks for listening.

We have kept many things over our history because they work. We have improved the items using new technology but at the end of the day we retain most of the idea infrastructure. In our business we need to retain Financial Planning. Our clients need help creating a plan and most importantly sticking to the plan. We have failed teaching this important concept to our children which might explain why we are not eq…