Our monitoring of attendance has never been more important.Recently major sporting events have made the decision to have no fans at their events.What impact will this have on the financial services industry?Our blog this week will examine how we are social distancing and measuring attendance at the same time. Status QuoThe methods we used to track our progress have been neutered by COVID.It is no longer a good practice to look at the bottom of a box score to see the attendance. We know that the attendance is zero and time will tell if fans meant more than the trophy acceptance speech.Early on, LeBron even questioned not having fans, but realized that attendance matters but has a larger impact on his compensation. Businesses and Universities have drunk this medicine too.Acceptance rates, monthly production and asset growth are correlated to tuition and revenue.COVID does not care if you are an elite school or a top producer.Finally, our fancy office does not matter as much as it used to…

Safety Nets

As we approach the deadlines for our government “assistance”. We need to start building our own safety nets. Our blog this week will examine the support and also discuss what our improved business and personal life will look like after we have a vaccine. We don’t have the answers, but we do have some wishes. GovernmentOur government stepped up and created a bi-partisan CaresAct.  The trillions of dollars allowed most of us to pay our bills and buy essential items through Amazon.  This support runs out this month and several politicians want to give us more.  Unfortunately,  there are others who believe that their support is enough and we should take it on our own from here.  I always wanted a larger allowance and pushed back on the question of what I spent it on.  Truth be told it is was no bodies business, I am an adult now and an Amazon Prime member.   Family and FriendsIn troubled times we can always turn to our family for safety and support.   Recently a NY Times article confirmed …


When huge events take place in our country our reaction is to demand change.This week we read about how many people want to defund our police.The power of our checks and balances system is alive and well!Our blog this week will summarize other times in our past that our citizens demanded change.Many demands die, but the ones who do not die create lasting change.Occupy Wall StreetIn 2011 a group decided to camp out in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street to protest many historic issues starting with Income Inequality.  The issues were real, but the movement wasn’t well organized, and the issues didn’t resonate with enough people.  Unfortunately, most of the issues remain.  As Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book Tipping Point the tipping point must be exceeded to promote change.  Occupy didn’t reach a tipping point. Police The Police killing of George Floyd reached a Tipping Point.  History, racial misunderstandings and cell phone video have caused us to seek change.  De-funding and policy chan…

Depression 2.0

What will we tell our grandchildren about the 2020 economic slowdown?  Many of our living relatives have some spotty memories of The Great Depression.  Time plays tricks on our memory and it is normal to exaggerate.  Before our memory starts to wane, we hope you will write down your experiences.  Our blog this week hopefully will be a good reference for us and our grandchildren. 
Social Media

We use social media like we use cable news.  We read social media that agrees with our opinions.  That is limiting and we are trying to expand our social media perspectives to include opinions that are different.  We start with a YouTube channel from a black man, famous football player and a smart student from St. Mark’s Schoolof Texas.  We also are educated and had our perspective expanded by two people on twitter, Peter Henry and Masha Gessen.  We hope you learn something new and that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Our country has a serious diversity problem.  Our industry shares man…

Next Stop

We will need a map if we “return” to work. Our monthly summary of podcasts should help now that we are all tech experts. We can build our map home using two categories. Education and Entertainment.

The Long View by Morning Star

The Professor G Show

Master Class

Cutthroat Inc

Someone Knows Something 

It Was Simple

We hope your new map has an app that tells us when to get off the bus 🚌  I need help finding where the office is located.

Virtual Meetings

Last week we decided to provide only positive blog posts during The Pandemic. The popular press publishes plenty of negative stories that we need to decide if they are fake or real. Bill Gates warned us in 2015 of the risks of a Pandemic in his Ted Talk. We listened and gave him a “standing O“, but we didn’t do anything. Seems like Mr Gates was not the only one to warm us.  This week we will examine several pandemic events we hope will continue.

Facebook Live Events

There is a reason Facebook’s stock is making all-time highs. They are offering us solutions we need during The Pandemic. Our favorites are religious events. This week I went to my church In Dallas and after it was finished I attended my old San Francisco church. Both have adapted to our new virtual meeting world. The good news is their music and message is the same. The other good news is I can attend wearing by pajama bottoms.

Virtual Conferences 
A good thing that the Pandemic has taught us is that we still need to be e…

Pandemic Jackpot

I have reached my breaking point of reading anxiety laced stories about the Pandemic so this week we will focus on the positives. The Pandemic has been a great stress test for our personal and professional lives. We aren’t personal coaches but we will examine what we have learned professionally. When we take this perspective we hope you feel like you can hit the jackpot too.


The industry and Burford Brothers have accepted that active management was not the best approach.The new solution to this reality were Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) or funds that replicated the major indexes passively, but didn’t charge high fees. This approach was adopted by most investors. The pandemic scared ETF investors who wanted out. The impact was similar to a person yelling fire in a crowed theater. Hopefully we didn’t loose too much money and we will examine the risks beyond lower fees. Seems like a jackpot for most aware investors.
While no one predicted the Pandemic, not even The Chine…