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Career Hacks

We are in constant pursuit to be the best we can be in our profession.  Is there a hack to help us?  Some days it feels like others have found one.  The Baby Boomer hack was to be a Doctor, a Lawyer or work for Goldman Sachs.  Millennials believe in the power of social media hacks and that a job at Google is on the Yellow Brick Road.  This week I’ll look at other experts and share my opinion that there isn’t an easy solution to professional success.
Academia Those who can’t do teach and those who can’t teach, teach gym.  Many of the established ideas that guide people in the wealth advisory business where researched in academia.  While their research is credible most academics remain as advisors not a practitioners.  William Sharpe might be an exception to this rule.  He lost at Long Term Capital but was a recent winner with Financial Engines.  Resilient and richer.
Conferences and Media We attend industry conferences looking for hacks.  The concepts presented by the conference sponsor…

2nd Url

I moved from this url to on January 25, 2018.  Recently a friend of mine educated me that I can have multiple urls, as long as I own each one.  It made me think why not?  Do people need two homes?  Let's examine why people need two or more urls.

Auto Fill
Our browsers have a great url memory.  They auto-fill an address to speed things up and to make our life easier.  This function causes a blogger to keep legacy url's rather than fighting Google or Microsoft.  Don't change your name is the lesson learned.

Cool Name
Many readers like our old name.  I do too and I'm thrilled to learn I can continue to use The Wealth Consigiere.  I can also post new blogs on Medium and LinkedIn.  The internet hopes to make our lives easier by democratizing content access.
Cost to move
Finally, it doesn't cost you anything to move from one url you own to another url you own.  My mistake was I read about how much people are charging for internet addresse…