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It's US Open time and an examination of the tennis tweener shot mesmerizes fans and at one time surprised opponents.Being able to pull off this shot is now a necessity.This blog will focus on the tweeners in other areas of our life.Realizing that you are a tweener will improve your sanity and increase your chances of success.
High School Sports
I have spent the last month visiting my parents in Dallas.Other then the political opinions, which haven’t changed since I lived here 25 years ago, the big change has been the opinions around having your children participate in tackle football.The powerful combination of concussion data and a demographic shift have cased a significant drop in student participation in football.This parental reality combats the unrealistic belief that our kids can be pro athletes someday.High School athlete tweeners have been saved and can have extra time to focus on their schoolwork.
Social media and reality TV have exposed us to successful business …


Gimlet Media provided all entrepreneurs with a gift chronicling the process of starting their company.The stages were well known but the podcast format allowed us to listen to every aspect of the messy process.The partnership and family conversations made me cringe but they still stick in my memory today.Gimlet named the podcast StartUp and the group they are currently following is a church plant.Ironically there are many similarities between a successful church plant and a successful wealth management practice.Before you hit delete please read why I have faith.
The minister on the podcast asks his members three great questions that we can also use in our wealth advisory practices.The questions are:
What do you want? Statistics on church plants show that they must take a definitive  position on what they believe to attract and retain members.  The three beliefs are do you accept and marry homosexual couples, can women hold senior positions in the church and do you believe in Hell?  Wh…