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The recent acquisition of MoneyGuide Pro by Envestnet deserves our attention and an analysis on how technology can make us better advisors. We will try and answer that question and consider how past technology solutions worked. Our life outside of wealth management has definitely been improved by technology, thank you Steve Jobs. Wealth management is different. We will try to explain why.
Wealth management is multifaceted which creates challenges for technology solutions. We will look at three main areas of wealth management and discuss how technology can help our transition to the future. 
Technology and the availability of data have improved dramatically.  What we do with all of this new data can be overwhelming. Do any of us actually read the footnotes in financial statements?  Better yet do we understand how to evaluate the footnotes?  If your answers are yes then you won’t need a guide. If your answer is yes and you are male you might need some help so you don’t get lost.…

Unit Economics

The Lyft IPO filing reminded us why we love the car sharing services.  The price is a bargain - for consumers - not so much for the company which has negative unit economics.  Negative unit economics can’t last forever.  Our favorite podcasts and blogs remind us of this reality.  It is 2019 but some of the IPOs are starting to remind us of the Dotcom euphoria.  Freemium is seductive but someday we must pay.  Those advertisements sandwiched into the podcasts with their tracking systems are essential.  The irony is many of these advertisers have negative unit economics too.
Invest Like The Best
One of my favorite podcasts remains Invest Like The Best.  The podcast delivers the two essential elements of a good podcast.  A knowledgable host who asks great questions and is able to attract guests we want to hear.  Two great episodes that deserve your time are episodes with Peter Zeihan and Michael Kitces.  Who knew that geopolitics and wealth advisory could be so interesting?  Listen and see …