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Summer Camp

Summer camp can be magical. I was reminded of this when I took my daughter to camp yesterday. She was so excited, and it reminded me of how much I loved camp when I was her age. How can I regain that magic?

Like any business problem, there are three ways we can regain the magic:

 1.) Family/Friends:  It's summer. Your kids don't have school, and in August, all of Europe and most of the US is on vacation. No excuses. Plan something away from your office with your family and friends. Shut down your phone/iPad too. The world will not stop, and the depressing stories will remain the same. 

2.) Music: Summer songs warm your heart! Please listen to my favorite summer song. Feel better? 

 3.) Books: I know we are all sick of reading about the Euro crisis and the US election. Use your free time to read some good books.

I have a few that I have already read, and some that are on my list to read this summer that you might want to check out.

1.) No one defines and lives happiness better …