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Lessons Learned On My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation causes us to slow down and do things we don’t have time for normally.
Banks require all of their employees who have involvement with customer accounts to take two consecutive weeks off each year from a  regulatory and a risk management standpoint. Many progressive companies urge their people to take time off to recharge. Research shows that it actually takes two weeks to form a habit, so for those who want to make a change for the better, two weeks should do the trick.
A Digital Native Unplugs
My two-week vacation to Europe taught me a lot.
I needed the first week to just unwind and slow down. The real benefits of my holiday didn't start until week two.  The impact of that second week will be long-lasting.
In week two, I was on a cruise ship off the northern coast of Spain. The boat had no mobile phone access and limited Internet availability. So, I was left without my iPhone and had nothing but time to bounce my thoughts off the beautiful Atlantic all around me.