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It's Over

Recently I made the decision to close my firm.  It was more emotional than I expected so I wrote this blog to address the demons in my head.

As we grow older death enters our circle of family and friends.  Death is a traumatic experience however some people use their remaining time on earth to share honest and enduring advice.  Professor Randy Pausch and his Last Lecture resonated with millions.  The honest reflection of a person who knows they have a defined amount of time left on this earth cuts through the typical cocktail party or social media banter and addresses the elephant in all of our rooms.  We are scared of dying and when a dying person has the courage to share what the process is like we should listen.   A very distant second is our fear of losing our job.  Most of the time this is sudden and at best we have two weeks to clean up our desk and complete our exit interview. Your coworkers exchange pleasantries but they avoid you like the plague because they don’t want the bo…