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What's Your Time Worth?

Simple questions can be deceptive, but they also can be enlightening.
When it comes to personal happiness and financial freedom, I've found an introspective approach to be helpful when considering these important questions:
No. 1: Who’s going to manage your money?
No. 2: What services should others perform for you?
No. 3: What makes you happy?
Managing Money: DIY or Professional? The first and possibly most important decision in money management is deciding whether you’re going to do it yourself – or engage an advisor.  
The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach begs the question, What is my time really worth?  
Could I pick the best money managers and succeed as a wealth advisor? Perhaps. But is that what you’d like to do? Or are good at? And, what is the trade-off?
If you calculate what your time is worth versus paying a fee to someone, you can approach the issue of cost from a more holistic perspective.
A friend of mind had another point-of-view on DIY money management: She believes Wa…