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21st Century Skills

One of the most challenging parts of a wealth advisor’s job is assessing the risk tolerance and setting realistic portfolio goals for clients. Both naturally change over market cycles and a client’s life, but effectively managing this challenge can feel like asking for permission to look into a person’s soul for the real answers. 
Some firms try to accomplish this by using a questionnaire, but the best advisors take a more nuanced approach. It is art NOT a science.
Back To School
I was attending a school board meeting recently when the discussion turned to the 21st century skills we want to teach our kids. Many schools around the country are have similar discussions.
During our meeting, it hit me that the list of skills we outlined required us all to look into our souls and define what we really wanted for our kids other than an acceptance letter to Harvard. After much back and forth, the group boiled down the key 21st century skills to the following:

1.Resilience 2.Self-awareness 3.Ris…