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Spotify Ate My Homework

I missed my second deadline to post my new and improved blog. There is a good reason for the miss, Spotify ate my homework. Technology is changing the way we receive our news and the recent news about Spotify acquiring two podcast companies proves my point. This week the blog will look at the impact technology is having on information decimation and old business models. We can’t use this as an excuse because technology will continue to eat our homework. Podcasts Few people have an establish brand that they can grow using technology. Spotify realized that we are listening to more than music and purchased two podcast companies. Does this move enhance Spotify or the podcast hosts? Our observation is that it will enhance content creation but could minimize the profile of podcast hosts. We can reference the impact of iTunes on the music industry. With that in mind we will stick with established personalities that are adopting the podcast format. This month we are adding Oprah’s Master Cla…


I recently attended the TD National conference in San Diego.  My trip to the airport in a Tesla Model 3 Lyft with Auto Pilot helped me prepare for my conversations in the VEO Village.  I was intrigued but scared as the driver used the Auto Pilot to change lanes and to exit the freeway.  I shared my concerns and asked did he like the service and was he scared it might someday replace him?.  His answer surprised me and should help wealth advisors’ concern that AI solutions will take their jobs.  His answer was the Auto Pilot helped him reduce mistakes when changing lanes but retained his control to override if necessary.  Thanks Lyft driver!  I hope to channel your bravery at the TD conference.
My new firm Optimal Asset Management is an AI solution for Institutional clients and Independent Wealth advisors.  We hoped to present our solutions and receive some reactions from the advisors to help us improve and meet their unique needs.  The responses were very helpful and fell into to three …