Spotify Ate My Homework

I missed my second deadline to post my new and improved blog. There is a good reason for the miss, Spotify ate my homework. Technology is changing the way we receive our news and the recent news about Spotify acquiring two podcast companies proves my point. This week the blog will look at the impact technology is having on information decimation and old business models. We can’t use this as an excuse because technology will continue to eat our homework.
Few people have an establish brand that they can grow using technology. Spotify realized that we are listening to more than music and purchased two podcast companies. Does this move enhance Spotify or the podcast hosts? Our observation is that it will enhance content creation but could minimize the profile of podcast hosts. We can reference the impact of iTunes on the music industry. With that in mind we will stick with established personalities that are adopting the podcast format. This month we are adding Oprah’s Master Class to our podcast lineup. Oprah’s star power can attract interesting guests who will answer her thoughtful questions.
Established Universities have a brand they can enhance using technology. Similar to brand name personalities, the megaphone of tech expands the reach of Universities. The messages that Universities deliver are timeless. Liberal Arts classes have been around for years and their longevity confirms their message. We should take advantage of the classic subjects being offered. Philosophy and Religion are here to stay.
We discussed our experience with AI at the TD conference last week. AI is here to stay too and adopting AI in our business will help us grow and attract the next generation of professionals. I have experienced this reality first hand in my job search. My resume reeks of Old School. Firms I meet are aware that the world is changing but they have not decided where it is going. The winners will establish a plan that should resonate with Baby Boomers andMillineals. Our hope is that we need both segments for our successful transition. Your plan needs to combine proven classic beliefs with AI. We can get there leveraging off our shared experiences.
Technology and her cousin algorithms are examining our best practices and helping us improve. We need to get involved and not allow technology companies to eat our homework.


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