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Don't Be Controlled By The Calendar

As Tax Day approaches, we are reminded of the power of the calendar. 
April 15 is a date all responsible citizens are required to respect.  However, all too often, wealth advisors become slaves to the calendar and allow vital elements of their business to be ruled by it.
It’s a question worth examining because there’s no real reason for it.
In truth, the calendar is a convenient organizing principle, but it is in no way the optimal one for taking care of wealth management clients in the 21st century.
Three Areas Where the Calendar Currently Rules
Through their investment consulting, wealth advisors add value for clients in three ways. All of these have been under the thumb of the calendar.
The first is rebalancing a client’s investment portfolio. Most wealth advisors wait until the end of the year. That’s the way it’s always been done. However, some do take up the task more frequently, usually at quarter-end. 
With the recent volatility in the markets , intra-quarter portfolio reba…