New Format

I’m walking the talk and implementing one of my New Year’s resolutions.  Staring with this blog I am changing the format to include  my favorite podcasts and training programs I hope will it will be helpful to our personal and professional development.  After 200+ blog posts I am hitting the wall and finding that many of my ideas are stale.  Our new format will identify new and cutting edge ideas.  Another change will be changing the frequency from weekly to monthly.  I hope our new format helps you meet the new demands of our current era.


Most Podcasts fall into three categories based on time - an hour, hour and a half and two hours.  I have tried to overcome my ADD and select podcasts that have enough time to address unique and thought provocative ideas.  We will start with podcasts that last one hour and thirty minutes.  Hopefully the ideas presented will cause you to question and ponder ideas that will help you grow.  Our first recommended podcast is The Moment with Brian Koppelman.  Brian is the co-creator of the popular Showtime series Billions and he and his guests discuss how we all can create something unique and interesting.


Technology has allowed us to evolve from the conference room training to online training that can be implemented online and controlled by the participant.  The other benefits of MOOCs is that our progress can be monitored and ranked.  Many reputable education institutens have started their own MOOC to meet student demand.  Our favorite MOOC is from Yale and it is delivered on Apple’s iTunes U.  If Yale doesn’t make the grade you can choose Stanford or Harvard.  My only question is can we claim one of these elite schools at dinner parties?

Our world is changing fast and we hope our new format can help us adapt to the change.  See you in class


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