Happy 2020

Welcome to the new year and the new decade. I hope all of your resolutions are realized. This post will continue to share my social media recommendations. In 2019 I made two social media resolutions. I achieved one and the other of creating my own podcast never happened. This year I’m adding a resolution to partner with an independent RIA. That keeps me below Duchess Meghan who has 4 resolutions.

The rise in the new number of podcasts is creating a capacity challenge for me and my Apple Podcast App, but it should create demand for this monthly missive.


The evolution of podcasts has caused more interesting people to agree to podcast interviews. My favorite this month is Dolly Parton’s America. Dolly has a heart and her professional drive can inspire us all.


I will admit it in 2020 that I’m fixated with HBS!  My favorite podcast is The Disruptive Voice with Clayton Christensen. His books are great and his classes are always full, but his podcast is free. I learn something new on each episode.


I hope to put my experience  into practice in 2020. My thoughts are easy to write but need to be implemented in the real market. 

Hoping we all have a prosperous New Year and that our resolutions batting average is above The Mendoza Line.  


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