I know we are tired of the impeachment debate around calling witnesses.  Polls showed that 75% of the people wanted witnesses so we are going to scratch that itch with our monthly podcast recommendations.  Our favorites are organized in three sections.

True Crime

The golden age of radio featured stories before we were addicted to our TV or to streaming services.  Podcasts have joined the fight with True Crime stories cast with stars from movies.  Our favorite is Blood Ties.


Most Podcast lovers prefer voice over print.  Our favorite educational podcast is The Journal.  The tagline of money, business and power works!


Most of us listen to podcasts on our morning commute.  In the morning we want to be entertained and our favorite Morning Show is Snacks Daily.  The hosts play-off of each other better than me and my friend Dave do on the tables in Vegas.

Our final recommendation is for Mayor Pete.  He said he watched cartoons instead of the Impeachment hearings.  We think he should check out our podcasts.  


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