Shelter in Place

Today marks  the one week anniversary that our mayors, governors and self aware bosses asked us to shelter in place. The week seems like it took longer than my college grades took to arrive in the mail. After we accepted the boredom we began to identify people and  technology that can help us survive the next few weeks. Our blog will summarize our favorites.  

Business Apps

Many of our service providers have scheduled conference calls to continue our training or to teach us new skills that will be helpful after we received an all clear. Most  group call technology didn’t make the grade. The only lesson I learned is that bandwidth matters and the time  you start the call matters. Starting the call at the the top of an hour is “me too” and will create a bandwidth issue. Starting the call at at 15 after or before works best. We all need to accept that we will have to wait. What else will you do rather than check the death toll.  Our favorite conference call programs are listed below. A good industry expert read is.

Free conference call
Go to meeting 

COVID information

Many of us believe that social media networks are evil. They impacted our  elections but because of the size of their network they can help us evaluate the data around COVID-19. Warning- some of the posts might be written by Russian trolls, but many are written by experts. Our favorites are from new school platforms like Reddit  and from old school firms like ABC news. Based on your age we will let you make the choice. 



While your biz is to seek advice from a professional you trust. The sources we trust are:

Pomp Podcast
Meb Faber
Professor G Podcast
Numbers by Barrons
Snacks Daily

All have a bias but hopefully their expertise overcomes their conflicts.


Time alone can cause us to think about what we believe. Seth Godin’s blog warmed us not to day trade emotions. In addition to blogs and church - your  Millennial children can help. Our favorites are:

Twitter - we follow Howard Marks, Mark Yusko and Ray Dalio - you can follow anyone 

Facebook Live Churches:

Highland Country Fellowship 
City Church San Francsico

We love ALL our children the same😁

Many of us don’t want to go to a church. Facebook Live is easy and no one needs to know. 

Our inner child wants to know how much longer?  We can either make something  up or we can tell the truth that nobody knows!  


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