What’re You Watching?

We are ALL spending more time at home. While many of us watched some Movies covertly at work now we are the boss and streaming content is our refuge. This month we will furlough  our monthly podcast list and replace it with what we are watching. Our hope is to return soon once our government tells us it is safe.

Amazon Prime

Now that we realize that even Amazon is out of Purell and TP we will start to watch their streaming content that is available. Our favorites are:

1. Goliath
2. The Maverous Mrs. Maisel
3. Fleabag


This service seems to know me better than I know myself. The daily emails are starting to bother me, but several shows they recommend are worth checking out.

My favorites are:

1. Ozark
2. Kim’s Convenience
3. The Crown

I promise you won’t get any SPAM emails from me when you watch these shows.

Apple TV +

They hooked me with The Morning Show and then they went dark. The new programs have  roped me back in.   My new favorites are:

1. Home Before Dark
2. Oprah Talks - even my Millennial Children like this
3.  Amazing Stories

If you missed The Morning Show please check that out too. Also my AirPod Pros are great

HBO is offering free access during the COVID - 19 crisis because they know you have time and love Free.

If you are running out of ideas I hope this list will give you some new ones. Pre-pandemic I saw too many movies and realized that I must kiss a lot of frogs to find something good. Start kisssing but keep your mandated distance...


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