COVID has changed our lives. Our monthly review of podcasts needs to change to address this reality. Our review will rank podcasts for adults AND their stay at home children. Both groups are important to keep the peace as we transition from our shelter-in-place order to our post COVID life. Until our state sounds the “all clear” we will continue to share our bandwidth with our kids. The CEO of Spotify observed that the current weekday data trends look more like a weekend than a normal weekday. Our rankings will be in two categories  - Kids and Parents.


Trolls World Tour is our one and only choice as most of our kids want to watch this show more than once. The fact is it helps both of us pass the quarantine time. It is great for the kids but it also works for the entertainment starved parents. Both miss The Weekend and Trolls helps pass the time.


While parents are teaching their kids they also need to teach themselves. Our podcasts are educational so that when we return to work we will be smarter. We breakdown the podcasts into business and pleasure. Our favorite two business podcasts are Inside the Strategy Room and Acquired  LP Show. Our favorite entertainment podcast is EW On Set: Schitt’s Creeek.  My wife and I watch Schitt’s Creek as often as the kids watch Trolls. Seems like our family has a bandwidth problem.

Warning these podcasts will eat a lot of bandwidth and make it harder to transition back to the real world.


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