The New Podcasts are Coming

When compiling my monthly list of podcasts I was surprised to read that there are 540,000 podcasts!  At last count there are only 114,131 mutual funds.  The large number of podcasts has caused us to adjust our ranking to look at Established Authors and First Person Accounts.  We and our clients have adopted podcasts for our commutes and our walks. Advisors  need to be aware of what they are listening to and not rely on Apple.


It's not surpriing that jornalists and authors have found their way to the podcast neighborhood.  Both professionals are expert at research and writing.  Two skills that many bloggers and podcasters lack.  Our favorite, this month is Bethany McLean best selling author and Forbes columnist.  Her podcast Making a Killing is worth a listen.

First Person

Nobody can tell an emotional story better than an interview with the person who experienced the event.  Podcasts are perfect for this reality.  Our favorite is Man in the Window.  Warning this podast will educate and scare you.

We spend time evatluating and recommending investment managers.  Looks like we need to add Podcasts to our "Holistic" evaluation list.  

Happy Independence Day - The Podcasts are coming!! The Podcasts are coming!!


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