Technlogy is a double edged sword.  Technology has made our lives easier but as we bought more smart phones we also became more vulnerable to being hacked.  The Russians and other hackers have attacked our elections and recently have attacked our businesses.  These hacks are news worthy but until we are personally hacked it is someone else’s problem.  I have been hacked but the credit card monitoring software caught the hacker before they could buy a car using my identity.  While it scared me it confirmed Jamie Dimond’s statement that hacking is our country's greatest risk.  Banks will contunue to invest in solutions to combat hackers and we will need to trust but monitor our accounts.  Our monthly  review of our favorite podcats will continue.  Hackers be damned!

First Person

We are moved by the real world podcasts that summarize the experiences of real people from the first peson perspective.  Real trumps fiction and actual stories move us.  Our favorite is Room 20.  First person stories require a profesional journalist on the LA Times staff to tell the Room 20 story.

Higher Education 

While my friends who attended HBS remind me of this fact more than I care to monitor.  I'm not sure if I'm jealous because I would have never been accepted to HBS.  Thankfully HBS has numerous helpful podcasts that don't require us to hire Singer to take the GMAT for us. Our favorite is The Distruptive Voice.  Maybe my HBS friends might be on to something rather than just busting the High School test curve.

My hacker was caught by monitorring software complemented by an observant sales person who called me to confirm I wanted to buy a car.  When I answered the call and said no new car, he also asked my race. I was confused becasue the hacker and I were not the same race.


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