No Free Lunch

As we have discussed in the past monthly summaries the number of Podcasts is exploding.  That is the good news but the bad news as discussed in the Wall Street Journal is that the free model with limited advertising is not working.  Specifically podcast listeners are not buying enough products from the sponsors of the shows to pay the bills.  Several popular podcast are signing up name brand (read wealthy) companies to sponsor the podcast and pay the bills.  This reality coupled with the fact that most podcasts hit the wall at 12 episodes has caused us to tweek our monthly categories to include monetary support and frequency.  This “pivot" should improve our summery. Please share your opinions through the comment field.  


HBS has the dough and they are releasing numerous podcasts that I have found very helpful.  My current favorite is Cold Call.  I know we hate that term but the podcast covers case studies from HBS and the presenters are actual HBS professors.  I might have gone too far with my Harvard swag but it makes me feel smart.


Many of the top rated podcasts are crime stories.  That is telling us something about our society.  My favorite is Crimetown.  You can’t make this stuff up and you can binge listen to catch up. 

We all know that there is no free lunch.  Unfortunately the free products were too good to be true.  We need to buy more items instead of eating a free lunch.  

Labor Day has passed so put your white clothing away and start your business engines


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