The California Fires have been brutal.  This month's Podcast review will look at what we can do with the helpful information we receive from Podcasts.  Will we listen and implement the ideas in our business or will we disregard the advice and keep doing business as usual?  My recommendations are broken into two categories.  Hopefully we will take the podcast host's advice and evacuate our old business models.


My favorite new free podcast is Creative Processing with the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  His questions could be applied to either Acting or Wealth Management.  I learn something new from the guests and the host that help me every week.


If I seem to be talking out of both sides of my mouth - I am!  Recently I decided to pay for the  Luminary podcast portal so I could listen to Making a Killing with Bethany McLean.  I LOVE the way Bethany thinks which makes me willing to pay to listen to her thoughts.  When my payment cleared I was surprised to find other great podcasts that I enjoyed.  Seems like a good deal to pay $7 for knowledge.

Our world is changing as we evolve from a freemium model to a subscription model.  We need to accept this reality and evacuate our old business.  It is a good and proven survival tactic.


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