This time of year we can slow down and examine the many things that we are grateful for in our life. I’m very grateful for the acceptance and support regarding my MS diagnosis. No need to revisit that, but if you need to learn more read my blog on the subject.  This week I’ll share who and what I’m grateful for since it is easier for me to write to this group than talk to them in person. I need to work on that, but after 57 years I’m not optimistic about changing anytime soon. Sorry


I have great friends from my school and my job. Even though we might not talk daily, we can pick up easily where we left off. My friends’ spouses are great too. They love my wife and in many cases have led the generous efforts supporting my family. Boys will be boys so I’m very grateful for their love and support too. If any of us are doubting the power of diversity then my experience should blow that out of the water! I’m grateful.


I always complained about attending required family events. Now I realize how important the relationships are in my life. I didn’t get off to a good start at the events as my family called me Bryant Gumbel behind my back. They nailed it as I was rather arrogant. I have now learned that the parents didn’t see eye to eye either. Family relationships are challenging, but at the end of the day they default to unconditional love. I’m very grateful for all of my family members and their spouses.  

Speaking of spouses, mine has been a rock through my health travails. So have my children who are now attending our required Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.  Can’t wait to hear my new nickname. 


I grew up in The Bible-belt and realized how unique my religious beliefs were when I moved to San Francisco. My Park Cities Baptist Church Sunday School teacher had a indelible impact on my life. After a seven year search in San Francisco, I discovered another Christian organization that embraced me and remain in my life today. Thank you City Church leaders past and present. Our San Francisco friends accepted my faith and called me “The Baby Jesus”.  What a compliment coupled the the open minded culture that embraces many other beliefs. I’m grateful for their support. 

I feel like the college football selection committee. My writing style of three major subjects leaves many out of this blog. Two that deserve mention are my Sanctuary co-workers and Valentina. I’m very grateful for you too.

Have a blessed Holiday.

With the support of my family and friends I plan on getting back on my feet in 2020 and earning a new nickname. 


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